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While using the Skypechats.Net you are bound to follow some rules. Incase you did not follow them, then you should be kicked out or banned permanently from the chat room.

  •  You cannot use abusive language in the chatroom.


  •  You cannot taunt on any Chatroom users.


  • Do not share any kind of personal information in the chatroom like: Your name, Your Personal phone number or anything like that.


  •  You cannot share your ID’s of any other service like Skype, Facebook or ID of any other chatroom.
  •  Abusing is strictly prohibited and would not be beared.


  • Please dont create any disturbance during the Admins turn or during any other user currently using the microphone.


  • You must have to type mic in the chat before you use mic, Otherwise it will considered as mic grabbing.


  • If you feel uncomfortable because of any other user or any user taunt at you then you can submit your complaint using the below form.


  • If you are banned and you think that you do not abide any of the above rules then you can Submit a Review request to the Management using the form on the Below Link.


We are here to provide you the Best Chat Experience as we can so please corporate with us, So we will suceed in our Mission.

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